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Lt. Colonel Geis is extremely knowledgeable as it relates to the brain.  Although the class is scientific, LTC. Geis reinforces the learning by using personal stories and video.  Extend the class!

Mark JohnsonDetective, Professional StandardsWylie Police Department, Texas

Great scenarios and discussion!  Shooting times, sleep and loss of productivity and consequences....Amazing class with a wealth of knowledge that's very practical for the law enforcement community.

Mark AughenbaughSupervisory US MarshalUS Marshals Service, Texas

I would definitely recommend Force Encounters Analysis to anyone in the law enforcement and investigations field.  Five star training.

Gary HiattSergeantWaco Police Department, Texas

On Force Encounters Analysis training:  Well done!  I did not realize how much I didn't know.  I won't be so quick to judge in the future.

Joe YbarraCPT Supervisory DetectiveDES-LE Division, Fort Hood, Texas

I signed up for the class for the 24 hours of STC credit.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I've been on the job for 32 years and I wish I'd had this information much earlier in my career.  Five Stars (out of 5).

Carlos GomezSergeantBurbank Police Department, CA

The Force Encounters Analysis class was helpful for understanding the response of officers in use of force incidents.  It answers the question of, "What & why did that officer do that?"

Michael HillLieutenant, Use of Force Review BoardBeverly Hills Police Department, CA

Would you want an umpire that knows nothing about the game of baseball to judge the game?  Then why would you want a command staff/IA team that knows nothing about human performance science to judge a shotting or UOF?  I have this course five stars out of five.  Modules on fatigue, reaction times and stress & performance were of utmost interest to me.

Jack WitterPolice OfficerCCPD

Great course for any officer at any experience level.  Five out of Five Stars.

Shasta CountyDA Investigator

Awesome training presented in a way law enforcement officers can understand.  The modules that were most interesting to me were Fatigue and Stress & Performance.  The case studies were also top notch.

Tim DobbsSupervising POTrinity County Probation

I wish I had more of this training at the beginning of my career.  Body-worn camera module was of most interest to me.

DeWayne LittleLieutenantCalifornia Department of Fish & Wildlife